Basic Lifting

Basic Lifting

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About Basic Lifting

This class focuses on learning the fundamentals of weight lifting and teaches correct form in the compound lifts. If you find yourself struggling with certain movements during some of our classes and want to spend time working on your technique in a more relaxed environment then give this class a try. Not only will it help you train more efficiently, it will also lessen risk of injury and is highly recommended for beginner athletes.

Go Hard or Go Home has been our motto here at the Unit since Day 1. We pride ourselves on the high intensity of our classes and our ability to push our clients beyond their limits. But in order to have the ability to go hard, you first need to have the fundamental movement patterns required to ensure you can carry out certain exercises without the risk of injury.

That is why we have introduced our brand new class ‘Basic Lifting’ to the timetable. This class will teach you the correct form and technique required to lift weights safely and correctly, it will help you to build strong foundations and will teach you new skills you can take away and work on long after you have left our facility.

So if you find yourselves being constantly yelled at by our instructors to get your hips down or keep your back straight…this is the class for you!

Basic Lifting is on at 1pm every Monday and Wednesday, please be sure to book in at reception!

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